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Lighting Scenario Creator Tool | Light Prototyping Platform


DRÄXLMAIER products: modern on-board wiring systems, exclusive vehicle interiors, trend-setting electric/electronic solutions. Our customers: Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, MINI, Porsche, VW.

DRÄXLMAIER is known for its automotive interior light products. In order to show the functionalities and quality of new products, demonstrators are built up. Furthermore, it is necessary to generate dynamic light scenarios for multiple RGB LEDs, which show the possibilities the customer has with the product. To speed up this process a light prototyping platform shall be developed within this student project. In order to make the task of designing dynamic light scenarios more intuitive, a windows tool with a modern and easy user interface shall be designed and programmed. It should give the user the possibility to build up scenarios for multiple RGB LEDs and view a playback preview of the scenario. After a scenario has been created the tool should offer a function to bring the scenario to the prototyping hardware. The prototyping hardware consists of a BeagleboneBlack, a touch display and possibilities to connect the new embedded light hardware. Therefore, another graphical user interface on Linux needs to be designed and implemented, which runs on the Beaglebone and lets the user choose between the available scenarios on the touchscreen. Furthermore, the Beaglebone software behind the GUI should be able to control the connected light hardware according to the active scenario.

Your tasks  Collaborate with other students in a multidisciplinary team to develop a DRÄXLMAIER lighting prototyping platform  Build an intuitive windows application for creating dynamic and colorful lighting scenarios  Design a modern and interactive graphical user interface together with our UI/UX designers  Implement a communication interface for downloading the scenarios to the Linux prototyping hardware  Develop an algorithm for data compression of the lighting scenarios in cooperation with other project members

Your profile  Technical degree (e.g. Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Computer Science)  Experience in designing and creating interactive graphical user interfaces on Windows  Good command of English


send your CV & a motivation letter to participate in the program to:

Title: DRÄXLMAIER_Creator Tool

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